To provide our buyers with many choices, we engage in intensive researches. We have a purpose built product innovation centre managed under the expertise of a smart production and R&D team that works together to formulate quality products under our brand names, Sylvan, Vee Aar Industries, and Naga Agrimate. Under the brand of Sylvan, we offer Seed Products; whereas, under Naga Agrimate, we provide the customers with Insecticides, Herbicides, Pesticides and similar products. Lastly, under Vee Aar Industries brand, we offer Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, and other products. Our brands being important parts of the cultivation and crop plans of many Indian and overseas growers, we always ensure we develop and market world class solutions that expertly address their needs. We also source products from other third parties and import certified grade products from the market of Taiwan to cater to needs of our broad clientele in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Our Team

We recruit many qualified experts as a part of our experienced production team who are well versed with modern cultivation practices. Professionals working at our production wing keep a very close eye on market demands, customers expectations, etc., to come up with qualitative formulations that are in tune with needs of our Indian and global clients. We are also immensely proud of other professionals who are a part of our R&D, warehousing, quality control and business services teams.

Why Choose Us?

We are forward-looking, supportive and responsible, which makes us a famed player in our segment. Apart from this, other factors that help us deliver innovative formulations and enhance our market goodwill are as follows: 

  • Whatever we import, produce or sell, we make sure we thoroughly test and quality check the products at our facility before they make way to our buyers.
  • We have hardworking and loyal members in all our teams.
  • Believing in the power of continual innovation, we only adopt the best practices in our manufacturing, research and quality testing works.
  • We take customer service seriously and render round the clock pre purchase and post sales assistance.

Pricing Policy

Modern day customers look for a company that provides negotiable offers and can quotes fair rates, regardless of the order size. We make sure that buyers while choosing our brands not only choose a reliable company but also benefits from our marginally priced products. We make a real difference to the overall purchase experience of customers by offering Agriculture Specialty Nutrients and Agriculture Herbicide at extremely low cost. 

Future Plan

Our aim for the future is to smartly combine our business agility and resilience to establish a stronger presence in markets across the globe.

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