Agriculture Specialty Nutrients
Agriculture Specialty Nutrients have significant role in improving crop production rate and also in raising quality of produced vegetables and grains. These specialty nutrients are suitable for foliar application purpose and are recommended to apply during manure applying time or plantation or during soil preparation.
Seeds Products
Vegetable and flower seed products offered by us are well known for their premium quality. Plants and crops grown from these seeds are of improved breed. Produced crops from these seeds are large in size and have excellent texture and flavor. Offered seeds can be stored for long period.
Agriculture Herbicide
Agricultural herbicides are reliable option to manage weeds for better crop productivity. These herbicides are instrumental in controlling woody bush, annual perennial weeds, grassy weeds and so on. Long storage life, simple application method and reasonable price are the key aspects of this product range.
Agriculture Fungicide
Agriculture Fungicides are effective in safeguarding plants and crops against leaf blight, black and brown rust etc. These fungicides are suitable for almost all sorts of crops that include potato, maize, wheat etc. Standard shelf life and non toxic composition are the key features of this product range.

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